Save your Money and your Time

Save your  Money  and your  Time

You see in 3D, you use 3D products and you treat 3D patients..

Isn't it time to start planning in 3D?

Servicing Maryland, Washington DC, North Virginia and Delaware since 2008.  

Superior Diagnostic  s and Clarity

Superior Diagnostics and Clarity

  • High Definition 3D images vs 2D traditional x-ray films
  • Clear visualization of vital structures
  • Improves treatment accuracy and reduces misdiagnosis.
Convenience and Mobility

Convenience and Mobility

  • Offering On-Demand service at your dental office.
  • One location for comprehencive treatment.
  • Same day imaging and delivery of diagnostics.  
  • Streamlined process for patients and dental professionals.
Excellent Service

Excellent Service

  • Imaging specialists trained in CBCT technology.
  • Patient care coordinators on hand for scheduling and questions.
  • Fast radiology and conversion turn around.
  • Same day image delivery.

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